Powerd911 – Numéro #1 au Canada

Convention de dénomination

Le script suivant permet de modifier la convention de dénomination.

Option Explicit

ValidationMode = True
InteractiveMode = im_Batch

Dim mdl ‘ Le modèle courant
Dim opt ‘ Options du modèle
Dim c

‘ Acède au modèle courant
Set mdl = ActiveModel
If (mdl Is Nothing) Then
MsgBox “Il n’y a pas de modèle au niveau de l’explorateur d’objets”
ElseIf Not mdl. IsKindOf (PdPDM.cls_Model) Then
MsgBox “Le modèle courant n’est pas un modèle physique”

‘ The BasePackageOptions is the common class for storing the model options in models
‘ Retrieves a BaseModelOptions object managing easy access to model options

Set opt = mdl. GetModelOptions ()

opt.EnableNameCodeTranslation = true

Output “NameNamingConventions.Count: ” & opt.NameNamingConventions.Count
Output “CodeNamingConventions.Count: ” & opt.CodeNamingConventions.Count

for each c in opt.NameNamingConventions
Output “Name ” & c.name
if (c.Name = “Attribute”) then
‘ Allows all characters to be valid in the naming convention, even if an explicit list of valid characters is also defined.
c.AllCharactersValid = TRUE
c.MaxLength   = 199
end if

‘ Commits the updated list of options into a BLOB text stored under the parent object


‘  Update model options to make them consistent with objects in the model. If needed, the call of this method will:
‘ – Release the enforce non divergence with domain constraint ,
‘ – Remove invalid characters,
‘ – Change character case to mixed case, and release other module specific constraints.

opt.UpdateModelOptions ‘ need to call this you have made changes
End If

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