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FHIM/H7 Models – Are you able to Import .xmi files ?

My Environment : PowerDesigner (4693)

Federal Health Information Model FHIMS Links

Does someone attempted to import the new version of the FHIM model (2015-05) (XMI format) using PowerDesigner?


When I start loading FHIM Model, PowerDesigner display the following information :

a) Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Do you know what that mean ? What can I do ?

b) When PowerDesigner try to create Symbols it crash with the following message “AccessViolationException was unhandled”. Not able to found “Sybase.Modeling.Pd.Oom.Xmi.pdb” from “Sybase.Modeling.Pd.Oom.Xmi.dll”

c) With PowerDesigner 16.5.0 (3982) PowerDesigner create a OOM model EMPTY and display the following message “The index (zero based) must be greater or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list”

d) For HL7 models import

1) When I try to Import the .xmi file I have the same problem as FHIM models.

2) I tried to load XML file with PowerDesigner Import XMI file (extension .xml) but PowerDesigner say It can’t.

3) Finally I tried to Import .uml extension file no more result.

    • UML2 is an EMF-based implementation of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.x OMG metamodel for the Eclipse platform.


I would like debug XMI Import. How can I do that ? Did someone already done this? Is there an extension with the XMI import code as Excel Import ?

Note :

a) The Federal Health, HL7, etc produce models by using Rational Software Architect ™ by IBM.

b) PowerDesigner offers the option to import Rational Rose extension .mdl. But Rational Rose product is no longer updated since 2008!

c) Does SAP think support RSA extension “.emx” soon ? Many organizations furnish models in “emx”. See HL7 Reference Information Model


d) My understanding is that Rational Rose was based on UML 1.4 standards. IBM Rational has since built a new modeling platform on the Eclipse environment, which includes an open source reference implementation of UML 2. i.e. IBM Rational Software Architect – RSA, Rational Software Modeler, and Rational Systems Developer are all based on that newer platform.

  • Rational Rose store models into files with extension (.mdl).
  • Rational Software Architect store models into files with extension (.emx).

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