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SAP Authorized Resellers

SAP sales partner – resell SAP solutions and help your customers run better

As an SAP sales partner, we provide our customers with new and exciting ways to run better. Gain access to our industry-leading solution portfolio – and offer to ours customers the benefits of working with a local partner who is familiar with their specific business needs.

  • Combine our local knowledge and expertise with SAP’s innovative technology
  • Take advantage of a huge sales opportunity in the SME market and beyond
  • Benefit from SAP’s double-digit growth – a multi-billion dollar opportunity

SAP Authorized Reseller – Sell solutions designed and priced for customers of all sizes

As an SAP Authorized Reseller, we gain access to a growing number of SAP’s market-leading solutions. We keep our existing vendors on board, add sought-after solutions to our portfolio, and work with a locally assigned SAP Distributor to meet prospect and our customer needs – no matter how unique.

  • Resell and implement our analytic, database & technology, and mobile solutions
  • Expand our market reach, increase sales, and boost profitability with zero program fees
  • Leverage our valued distribution channel to help our customers run better

Best fit for companies that want to…

We work with an assigned SAP Distributor. We use our sales and implementation skills across a growing number of SAP analytics, database & technology, and mobile solutions. No entry requirements or program fees.

Primary relationship with…

Assigned SAP Distributor

Our company has skills in…

Industry expertise

SAP give access to solutions, services, etc.

  • Anaytics
  • Database & Technology
  • Mobile
  • Entry Product Authorization
  • Ongoing Requirements
  • Sales Targets
  • SAP PartnerEdge Website Access
  • E-Learning
  • SAP Reseller Logo

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